Trump, though, seems more focused on the view of those conservative Christians who see this step as fulfilling a key biblical prophecy. In this view, Jerusalem needs to be available as the site of the Third Temple, a necessary precondition for the End Times or Last Things that are essential to many fundamentalist Christians’ faith.

This is where the water gets a little deep, so we won’t wade in too far. But suffice it to say that at some point in time, according to various passages in the Bible, Jews will be in possession of Jerusalem and a new temple will be erected. Thereafter will come the Antichrist and a period to be known as the Tribulation. It gets harrowing, but, cutting to the chase, Christ himself will return to Earth in triumph and glory and all true believers will be united with him in Heaven.

How much of this Trump personally understands or buys into is open to debate. But he has shown a keen desire to court those who take the prophecy at face value and with all their hearts. That courtship has been highly successful, at least so far.