Ryan was bad, Hatch was worse, but Pence…OMG, it was embarrassing to watch. What is up with that?

By now, you’ve seen the adoration heaped upon President Donald Trump by members of his team and congressional leaders on Wednesday.

House Speaker Paul Ryan praised his “exquisite leadership, “and Senator Orrin Hatch declared that “one of the great privileges of my life [is] to stand here on the White House lawn with the president of the United States who I love and appreciate so much.” But nobody came close to reaching the level of obsequiousness that Vice President Mike Pence has mastered.

Upon viewing the tape, the most common response, once the gag reflex was suppressed, was to say “get a room!”

Seriously, it was so bad that Seth Meyers mocked it by comparing it to the scene from the movie Love Actually, where a would-be suitor shows up at a door with cue cards reading, “To me, you are perfect.”