Supposedly, we’re all in this together — or, at least, we should be. Perhaps a step towards sanity would involve some introspection on all fronts. Not all women are fragile, hapless victims. Not all men are predators or predators-in-waiting. Both men and women can contribute to a healthier sexual ethic. We can expect more from both.

Or not. “There are three ways you could approach the problem of sexual harassment,” Anita Hill told The New York Times Magazine. “You can fix the women. You can fix the guys. Or you can change the culture. And I think that really, at this point, what we should be talking about is fixing the guys and fixing the culture.”

“Do we have to choose?” asked Laura Kipnis. “Can’t it be all three?”

“Well,” Hill replied, “I think if we fix the guys and change the culture, we don’t need to fix women.”

“Good luck,” Kipnis replied. Good luck indeed.