In many ways, Steve Bannon is actually a lot like Hillary Clinton. Both are past their prime. Both have shamelessly defended sexual predators. Both no longer have influence in their respective parties. Both are politically tainted and toxic. And both lost elections they should have won, even more so for Bannon.

Clinton had the political establishment, Hollywood, and the media behind her, but she was the epitome of everything wrong with the status quo and that led to Trump’s victory. Bannon’s candidate was a Republican in the deep red state of Alabama, but the empowerment of sexual harassment victims buried him and that led to Jones’ victory. You can even say that Bannon was a bigger loser in Alabama than Clinton was in 2016. At least she still won the popular vote.

When Bannon left the White House, he felt emboldened to lead the Trumpism movement from the outside. If the Alabama senate race proved anything, he led Trumpism off a cliff.