Unfortunately, no normal person can possibly keep track of who is being investigated by whom, and for what. So far none of it seems to amount to much. Frankly, it’s hard to see Mr. Trump (or Donald Trump Jr., for that matter) as a mastermind capable of directing such a convoluted, evil scheme. In any event, the idea that Mr. Trump could be impeached is just a fantasy. It would require evidence of criminal wrongdoing so strong that his own base would abandon him and his own party would vote against him. Dream on, kids. Mr. Trump’s Republican support is still running at 82 per cent.

Here’s another problem. The economy is on a roll. The stock market keeps setting records. The unemployment rate has plunged to 4.1 per cent. How much does Mr. Trump have to do with all this good fortune? It doesn’t matter. As Bret Stephens wrote in The New York Times, the wealth effect usually beats the yuck factor.

The danger of the Democrats’ victory in Alabama is that they’ll take all the wrong lessons from it.