If America is to save itself from political chaos, “the best” had better get busy — not by sounding off and then leaving the scene, as Sens. Bob Corker and Jeff Flake and others are doing, but by helping out groups that are trying to bolster the “centre.” As I’ve written before, a bevy of groups are working to hold the center — organizing nationally, raising money and setting forth moderate policy ideas. Several have made significant progress, but they still need help.

They need consistent vocal support from respected ex-military, corporate, and government heavyweights who recognize current divisions as dangerous not just to the country’s governance, but to national security and social stability — but so far are standing on the sidelines. They need money to compete with passionately intense ideological and special interest groups. And they need to become national political players.

In short, America needs a powerful, passionate Moderate Movement comprised of “the best” — those willing to solve problems, work with adversaries and encourage civility — to compete with the already-passionate and powerful “worst.”