All of this is under investigation by Congress and the Justice Department’s inspector general, and a year later we seem to be left with two possibilities: Either the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians, or the Democrats had connived (and perhaps colluded) with the Russians and used all the tools at the Obama administration’s command to spy on a Republican challenger in the midst of a presidential campaign — and thus far we’ve seen no evidence of Republican collusion.

Mueller now starts to look less like a flint-eyed Inspector Javert and more like a bumbling Inspector Clouseau, shining his flashlight into empty caverns when the real skullduggery lies in the sunlight behind him.

He’s no fool, however. He has to know this. And he’ll also know that the 2018 midterms look like a match-up between jobs and 3 percent GDP growth for the Republicans versus impeachment for the Democrats. And what’s the evidence to justify an impeachment? Just the ongoing Mueller investigation.