I suggested re-titling the bill the “Robbing Peter to Pay Apple Act,” on account of it being a massive corporate tax-cut funded on the backs of individual taxpayers. (Even the wealthiest individuals are getting a 3 percent tax cut while losing many of their deductions, while corporate America is getting a 40 percent decrease, while keeping most of theirs.)

Alternatively, if you don’t like biblical titles, I suggested you could call it “The Republicans Pissing Down Your Leg While Telling You You’re Bathing in a Warm Mineral Spring Act.” Because while individual tax cuts only amount to $300 billion of the $1.5 trillion bill, estate tax relief comes to another $200 billion and a whopping $1 trillion goes to corporate America, who Republicans would have us believe are going to pass the savings onto us in the form of higher wages, lower prices, “reinvestment,” etc. This, even as all trends suggest that corporations prefer, as a matter of course, offshoring our jobs and training our robot replacements to giving us raises—which the new bill in no way discourages them from doing. Meaning the best chance we have of finishing in the money under the new plan is becoming a multinational corporation whose obscenely rich parents just died.