Hamilton forgot that, in an era when full-grown men are cheered by the press for winning the right to use teenage girls’ changing rooms in Topshop, when institutions across the land are throwing their ladies’ loos open to blokes in skirts, when even women’s colleges now say they will accept anyone who merely identifies as a woman – ie, they will now accept men – you are forbidden from saying anything that suggests there are two sexes and that there might, just might, be some differences between them. We have descended so far into the swamp of relativistic thinking that now even to say ‘You’re a boy and you should wear boys’ clothes’ is to invite damnation upon yourself.

And this points to a profound, twisted irony in the Hamilton hunt: those fuming against him, those extracting repentance from him, those demanding he publicly recant his foul thoughts, present themselves as open-minded and tolerant and yet they explicitly seek to shut down minds and they behave in an alarmingly intolerant fashion. ‘We’re so carefree and nice that we think people should be able to wear and do whatever they like’, they say, at the same time as they make a demon of a man who has had the temerity to say something they don’t like. Their facade of tolerance hides a nasty, censorious and punishing instinct which cannot countenance the existence of people with a different point of view to OURS. But those people exist. There are many people out there who would not let their sons or nephews wear girls’ clothes. They’re all scum, of course. Trash. ‘Transphobic’ and disgusting. So much for tolerance!