The sex scandals, and all the disappointing moral failures that facilitated them and surround them, remind us that people can’t save; we all need a Savior. If 2017 has shown us anything, it’s that both political parties are disappointed and disappointing, that Republicans and Democrats have been complicit in abuse, that even our most trusted personalities have darkness lurking beneath those heavily made-up faces and perfectly white smiles.

All three of my children ended up having names (Ruth, Naomi, and — yes — David) plucked from the pages of the Bible. Turns out, the same book that describes the tragic exploits of humanity also introduces us to a Father who, unlike Dr. Huxtable, won’t disappoint. The Bible also tells us of a perfect person, one who lived without grabbing women by the genitals, without scandalizing a plant, and without installing a door that locks with the push of a button. He also didn’t look the other way at injustice, make excuses for pedophiles in order to win a junior Senate seat, or wait silently for laundry while women maligned victims of a crime.

With every high-profile scandal, God is doing something profound and deeply unnerving: showing us that we can’t put our trust in people. He alone is God.