Either way, I don’t think voting for Moore is going to bring about the moral apocalypse, and I don’t think it means the Republican Party is going to hell. There are other issues on the table. I don’t want to retract the Declaration of Independence because Jefferson took advantage of a slave girl. I’m not going to surrender to Germany because Eisenhower cheated on his wife. Sex makes people do bad and stupid things. Again, prosecute, eject or slap. Otherwise, I’ll take each case in context as it comes.

Anyway, that’s how I see it, but, according to our media elites, the rules are different. According to them, Democrats can run interference for an accused sex abuser and his complicit wife for 25 years, they can call a priapic woman-slaughterer the lion of the Senate, but one make-believe resignation speech from a handsy comedian? Then the Democrats’ worst problem is that they’re “too pure.” As for Republicans: they shouldn’t decide elections on the issues but should instead fly into a moral panic the moment the mainstream media charges their candidate with anything, whether it’s traveling with his dog on the car roof or dating a girl too young for him forty years ago.