Herring made his calculation public two days later. “OAN is getting a lot of mail…90% favorable to @MooreSenate,” he tweeted.

It was 2015 all over again. Herring told his social media followers that he would broadcast Moore’s speeches, just as he had done with Trump.

“One America News will be airing all @MooreSenate speeches that we can,” he wrote. “The people of Ala. can make their decision off the facts they see and hear.”

Herring ordered his employees to openly support Moore’s candidacy on the air as well.

“We here at One America News want to say thank you to Alabama for standing up for what you believe in and we urge you to get out there and vote on December 12. We also believe that Sean Hannity owes Moore an apology for not standing by the judge,” an OAN anchor pronounced Nov. 26.