The Women’s March, the feminist event dominating the first half of the year’s conversation, was simply a horde of women wearing pink “pussy” hats marching with crude signs. Female speakers, mostly Hollywood elites like Ashley Judd and Scarlett Johansson, ranted about how awful it might be if Republicans defunded Planned Parenthood and halted funding of their precious birth control.

It was clear the message wasn’t pro-women but anti-Trump. Some female-driven and ardently pro-feminist and pro-life groups were kicked out of the march because their political views didn’t align with the march’s progressive modus operandi.

The other feminist event of the year, the dynamic #MeToo movement, which likely spurred a large swath of the Merriam-Webster word searches, began as a result of a group of courageous women who wanted to stop sexual abuse and harassment at the hands of uber-powerful, crude and misogynist men. Women from all walks of life have named their abusers and demanded justice, in a powerful demonstration of how sickeningly far men will go to demean women but a heartening sign of change to come.