review: Perhaps this has something to do with the focus on women’s bodies. This year, feminists have protested with pussy hats, signs of uteruses, blood-stained jeans, tampons, leg hair, body shaming – what do you think of this so-called ‘gross-out’ feminism?

Hoff Sommers: Eurgh. It’s all quite absurd. This is not how men came to power. These are antics that reinforce some of the worst stereotypes about women. And it’s just going to isolate the movement and not make it more attractive.

People say there is s generational tension. They say: ‘Well, the world is changing and this is how young people are thinking.’ But as someone who has studied the contents of gender studies for many years, I can tell you that this is what many young people have been taught. These oppression theories, and eccentric ideas that focus on the idea that we’re oppressed by being women and our bodies – this comes out of gender studies. So I don’t think this was a spontaneous movement among young women.