It’s a toss-up as to whether Mueller is too dumb or too arrogant to bother hiding his team’s indisputable conflicts of interest and manifestations of improper intent that should shock the conscience of any American with a shred of decency – a category that excludes the vast majority of the mainstream media, liberals, and the cheesy Never Trump weasels of Conservative, Inc., who yearn for a return to the days of olde when people paid attention to them and booked passage on their sad sailing adventures.

Mueller is a bad joke who doesn’t seem to be in on it. He’s bumbling forward, apparently ignorant of just how horrible it looks – how horrible it is – to have hired no one but committed Hillary donors for his team. Actually, it’s much, much worse than that – he’s actually hired lawyers who represented some of the unindicted criminals associated with the Clinton mosaic of corruption. Perhaps in the world Mueller inhabits with tools like Jim Comey, another buffoon who loves to preen in the glow of a once-spotless reputation that he chose to Schiff all over, this plays. But in the real world, in our world, it’s a sham, and not a very good one at that.

The Russiagate non-scandal scandal is just another establishment grift, and it turns out that Mueller is the mark.