Well, Mr. President, you did it. You got a comprehensive tax reform and the repeal of the noxious individual mandate in the Affordable Care Act, and you opened up Arctic drilling. Along with that, in your first year you got a man appointed to the Supreme Court, Neil Gorsuch, who is going to prove to be a giant, along with numerous other federal court appointments. In fact, you got 12 federal appeals court judges appointed, the most ever appointed in the first year of a presidency since the appeals courts were established in 1891. What is more, you got a vast number of regulations repealed through the Congressional Review Act. That is pretty good for one year’s work by a guy who was never elected for anything before he ran for the presidency. Only a never-Trumper could complain.

Next year is looking even better. And regarding the investigations of the Trump campaign, no collusion with Russia has been reported, and the president looks to be completely clean. Yet last week it was reported that thousands of emails originating from the Trump transition team fell into the hands of the FBI. The sleuths are now going through those emails. Some members of the transition team now serve in the White House and have been testifying before the FBI, or soon will be.