As a reporter for “Anderson Cooper 360,” I live my life on a deadline. Plane to catch. Story to write. Live report to deliver. It’s always exciting, but also can be so stressful!

But in the scheme of things, my job as a reporter for CNN is a lot less stressful than, say, the job of President.

These days, the leader of the free world has a lot to worry about.

North Korea.

Middle East Peace.


The Russia Investigation.

I can’t imagine the stress of that job! Luckily, after a long and stressful day I have my golden retriever, Gatsby, to come home to. He always greets me with tail wags and wet kisses. Then he curls up at my feet with his head resting on my toes. If I didn’t need both hands to type this article, I would surely have one of them on him. Petting him from head to toe is the best stress reliever!