Despite Bradshaw’s denial of sex, West Point’s internal investigation led by Maj. Damon M. Torres concluded that a sexual relationship between the cadets had indeed occurred, but Torres called it consensual. It is unclear from the documents how Torres arrived at that conclusion, and West Point declined to share specifics, citing privacy for both parties.

Nevertheless, Bradshaw was charged with a violation of Article 1 of the Cadet Disciplinary Code for improper use of government facilities by way of “sexual activity, which includes, but is not limited to: kissing, hand holding, and fondling,” according to West Point regulations.

Torres recommended Bradshaw be punished with a Brigade Board, one of the most serious blemishes a cadet can receive on their record, and be enrolled in the Respect Mentorship Program, according to West Point documents viewed by The Daily Beast. The program is designed to “educate cadets on moral-ethical topics, to challenge them with critical thinking experiences, and to provide structured reflection.”