One can only speculate that, like the Hannitys of the conservative-media world, York discovered long ago that the new Republican base flocks to stories of Trump being undermined, especially by people on his side of the aisle (who are expected by many to demonstrate unconditional loyalty to our president). It keeps coming back to this theme that Trump’s failures and unpopularity are not his fault, but rather the fault of “the establishment” or “RINOs” or the “Deep State” or the “globalists” or whatever the term of the day happens to be. If the Democrats held majorities in Congress, things might be different. But with the GOP in control, the blame must be spread closer to home. And what better foil, under such circumstances, than those ungrateful NeverTrumpers who wouldn’t help Trump defeat “Crooked Hillary” last November, when he needed them the most?

That’s not to say that there aren’t a handful of former NeverTrumpers who’ve let their personal distaste for Trump override their political sensibilities. As has been pointed out by fellow former NeverTrumpers, folks like Jennifer Rubin (of the Washington Post) and David Frum have allowed their Trump Derangement Syndrome to turn them into reflexive Trump adversaries, even going as far as to abandon previously embraced positions just for the sake of opposing Trump.

These people don’t represent NeverTrump. NeverTrump was a principled voting stance with a clear expiration date, not a vow of eternal opposition.