“It’s still Breitbart, and it still helps set the narrative in the right-wing echo chamber,” conservative pundit Charlie Sykes told The Daily Beast. “But I would say that the base continues shrinking, and they’re going to be the loudest intercom within the Trump bunker as we head into 2018. They will appeal to the 30 percent of hardcore Trump supporters. They will help set the tone for the Trump defense. But, again, it is a shrinking universe.”

At its heart, argued Angelo Carusone—president of the left-leaning press-watchdog organization Media Matters for America—Breitbart is becoming “a cult of personality,” with a core message that is increasingly about celebrating Stephen K. Bannon. He’s the website’s colorful and quotable executive chairman, whose oracular pronouncements about politics and policy are frequently touted in Breitbart’s headlines.

“A guy who is really as drivingly influential as Bannon would like you to believe he is doesn’t a do a three-hour radio show every morning,” Carusone told The Daily Beast, referring to Bannon’s hosting of Breitbart News Daily on SiriusXM. “This is all about himself. He’s high on his own supply.”