But fair as those charges may be, the massive pile-on over presidential golfing remains is as stupid as ever, and should mostly serve to remind us that it’s time to retire “he golfs too much” as a partisan attack line.

Oh sure, there are signs it’s effective; the strategically-placed truck is just the latest hint that the White House sees as damaging claims that Trump spends too much time walking around golf greens and too little time “presidenting.” Fans of President Obama found the same charges against him unfair, but damaging, too; more than one Democratic consultant I know has quietly admitted they hated attention focused on Obama’s golfing habit, because they felt it tied in with stereotypes some detractors were keen to advance of African-American men being insufficiently hardworking.

It’s also comforting to those leveling the charges, since partisans on both sides have long volleyed golf-focused attacks on Presidents of different philosophical persuasions and partisan affiliations.