“I’m going to spend all of 2018 discouraging our people from voting for the GOP,” Brad Griffin, an Alabama resident and one of the organizers for October’s “White Lives Matter” rally in Tennessee, tweeted about Moore’s defeat. “Two can play this game. Just stay home during the 2018 midterms. What’s the argument for party loyalty?”

Ricky Vaughn, an anonymous white nationalist Twitter account that was an effective proponent of Trump’s candidacy in 2016 only to be banned from the site over posting anti-Semitic remarks, promoted Moore heavily on Gab, a social media site with many far-right users. As midnight drew near, the Ricky Vaughn account was asking for a “purge” of traditional conservatives.

“There are three people to blame for this loss,” the Ricky Vaughn account posted after the loss. “Paul Ryan for sabotaging Trump, Mitch McConnell for sabotaging Moore, and Roy Moore for refusing to speak to the working-class voter.”