Notably, the same coalition of upscale whites and minority voters that propelled Democrats to victory in Virginia was evident in the Alabama results. Based on the exit poll, African Americans made up 29 percent of voters in the Alabama Senate election, slightly higher than their 28 percent share of the Alabama electorate in 2012 — a presidential election with an African American candidate heading the Democratic ticket. And Jones won 96 percent of the African American vote — slightly higher than the 95 percent won by Barack Obama in 2012.

Moore won 68 percent of the white vote in Tuesday’s special election, but that was far less than the 84 percent that Republican Mitt Romney won in the 2012 presidential election — the most recent presidential contest with exit-poll results for Alabama. And while Moore won 77 percent of the vote among whites without college degrees, he won only 57 percent among whites with college degrees and only 52 percent among white women with college degrees.