As the GOP has embraced Russia on the right, socialism is something even sometime centrists are seriously considering. As the stock market stops bearing any true relation to how people on the ground are living, capitalism is no longer seen as the only principle of governance. Consequently, the equation of corporations with “job creators” is fading. Trickle-down economics has finally become the joke many always knew it to be. The idea that corporate needs are a good proxy for human needs is being re-examined — not just by the far left, but by people who might never have reached similar conclusions under a Clinton presidency.

Universal health care used to be a pipe dream. It’s becoming a standard Democratic talking point. Sexism used to evince eye-rolls and charges over oversensitivity; now men are — to no one’s surprise more than my own — seeing actual consequences for decades of abusing the women in their professions. As the scope of the professional challenges women have spent decades facing down becomes legible to those who never bothered to look, the very people who used to minimize women’s claims are quietly wondering how on Earth they managed for so long.