Our progressive friends have discovered their consciences on the Clinton matter at the precise moment the Clintons ceased to be useful instruments of political power. The Clinton camp has been moribund for a while now, stale leftovers from the go-go 1990s, the political equivalents of one of those AOL discs that ironic tech bros save and use for coasters. Political necessity forced the faction that brought Barack Obama to power — call it the New New Left — to make common cause with the Clinton gang, but they’ve been eager to see them off since well before the emergence of the tangerine nightmare currently commanding their dreadful attention. Bernie Sanders wasn’t quite enough to get the job done, but the fact that a rotten old red with a surprising amount of rape porn on his CV — and no formal affiliation with the Democratic party — even laid a glove on Herself is an indicator of just how long the Clintons overstayed their welcome. You think Elizabeth Warren is happy in Mrs. Clinton’s shadow? She’s got problems of her own.

So does Al Franken. The Minnesota senator and progressive mascot has been accused of groping a female colleague while she slept on an airplane, and there is leering photographic evidence of the act. The same woman accuses him of having forced a kiss on her on the same trip. Minnesota’s governor, Mark Dayton, is a member of the Democratic-Farmer-Labor party, as the Democrats call their kooky Gopher State affiliate. There’s no prospect of a Republican governor appointing a Republican to the vacancy if Senator Franken is forced to resign. No Bob Menendez reprieve awaits the sad clown of the Senate.