At least Coulter puts her name on her appalling statements. Politico saw fit to run with a story headlined “Kelly’s deputy annoys Trump aides with rigid style,” citing a handful of anonymous gripes. “Nielsen … routinely cancels meetings with senior officials if someone shows up late,” Politico reports. Among her other violations? Clamping down on “staffers who linger too long in the chief of staff’s office.” What a monster, right? For the crime of being a competent woman who doesn’t accept unprofessional behavior, “some Trump loyalists even refer to Nielsen behind her back as ‘Nurse Ratched,’” which of course also comes with the implication that the Trump White House is, itself, an asylum.

It is hard to fathom a gossipy piece being written about a man in a position of authority who — gasp! — actually expects people to show up to things on time. It is also hard to imagine a man’s looks being used to suggest he is the recipient of a job he does not deserve. But there are also the more subtle expressions of sexism, such as assuming a woman just can’t be up to a tough job and setting unique standards she is expected to meet.