The fifth end-game is the same thing, only faster; the Republicans around him pull off that palace coup that is perfectly legal under the 25th Amendment and Mike Pence and Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell eject Trump by simply stating he’s unfit and getting their majorities to agree he’s unfit and if you don’t think Pence and Ryan and McConnell would do that, you didn’t see Trump’s crazy tweet about the Man of the Year award, and you don’t know Pence and Ryan and McConnell. The sixth means by which Trump leaves early is, of course, that if the Republicans don’t impeach Trump before the midterms, the Democrats will be able to after them. If Virginia and New Jersey and Oklahoma are indicators, the Democrats could take the house and might need as few as 25 vulnerable Republicans in the Senate to vote guilty, to remove him from office.

Now, there’s a new, seventh, path to destruction for Trump and it has bubbled up from the sewer of his life recently and even with how Teflon he has been on this subject, it seems hard to believe the dam won’t break. His sexual conduct. As not one snowball but a decade’s worth of them have come down that hill wiping out all the sleazebags and emboldening and empowering the victims it seems impossible to believe that some claimant somewhere doesn’t have tangible evidence against Trump, and that they won’t say to hell with it and break one of those non-disclosure agreements and Trump will suddenly be envying Harvey Weinstein. Trump himself inadvertently has hinted at this.