Should Republicans moderate on social issues? Embrace a more populist message on economics? Reject nationalism or try to ennoble it? You’ll find conservative anti-Trumpers on both sides of each question. Republicans who generally oppose Trump don’t even agree on what to call themselves. Many of the people who embraced the Twitter hashtag #NeverTrump last year think the term is obsolete, since it referred to never voting for him and the election is over.

Conservatives who generally oppose Trump don’t agree on how he got the nomination, either. Some of them think he got it because Republican politicians had betrayed grassroots conservatives by not fighting hard enough for their causes. Others think he got it because too many Republicans encouraged unrealistic expectations among conservative voters. Yet others point to a Republican agenda that was too focused on rich people and big business.

One thing that uncontestably helped Trump get the nomination: the division among his Republican opponents.