Instead of holding the Oscars, Hollywood should declare March 4, 2018, a day of atonement and announce that every guilty person in the industry, including every perverted male filmmaker preying on women and potted plants, and every member of the industry who remained silent because they didn’t want to jeopardize their chances of being cast in the next “X-Men” movie, will be spending the weekend in quiet contemplation. Instead of swathing themselves in Armani and Bulgari, they can stay home and take a knee. Instead of lining up to get into the Governor’s Ball and the Vanity Fair party, they can think about how to be better people and start turning their minds to the big follow-up Oscar ceremony in 2019.

And how will that one be produced? It should be just like the usual Academy Awards night: glitz, glamour, glad-handing. Except with one difference: This time, and forever after, sanctimonious preaching at the Oscars should be banned. Hollywood has been lecturing us from on high for long enough. Now that we know how shabbily they behave toward one another, they should stop criticizing the rest of us.