“I felt sorry for them,” Broaddrick said of the women who spoke out against Trump. “I felt like they had a right to be heard. But I also felt at the same time that they should bear investigation, scrutiny and vetting. I think it’s only fair for all parties involved.”

This stance seems somewhat at odds with how Broaddrick spends the majority of her days. On Wednesday, she said she had to push back her interview with Newsweek and cancel a weekly tennis date with her friends to make time to answer the hundreds of emails, Twitter DMs and Facebook messages she receives every day from men and women who come to her with their own accounts of sexual assault. Broaddrick said she answers every single one, spending as many as three hours every day penning individualized responses. She even takes time to answer hate mail, usually from people who call her a hypocrite for aligning herself with Trump.

Broaddrick voted for Trump in 2016, and she said she’ll vote for him again in 2020, unless the allegations against him are investigated and determined to be true by authorities.