How do you decide which cannabis oil is best for the dishes?

The flavor profile of strains can vary from each type of cannabis based on the terpenes in the plant. For Dankquet, we choose oils and flowers that would best complement our meal, aiming for a more citrusy Limonene in our fruit-based relish and choose a musky Mycrene for our meatier portions. It’s important to know the level of terpenes in your flower to best pair it with dishes and oils for the meal.

Which Thanksgiving dishes should you add cannabis oil to?

It works really well as a gravy since guests can choose portions of the amount they want. Mashed potatoes and stuffing are also good choices as they are used to equally distribute any oil or butter you’re creating for the meal. I find it best to choose strains to share in various dishes and limit the potency to enjoy the food while keeping your dosage at a safe level. At the NSFW kitchen, we use a Levo oil infuser. It’s like the Keurig of infused oil. [It’s] super easy and a small amount of flower can go a long way providing over a cup of oil.