Did Rose see his day of reckoning drawing nearer in the wake of the Donald Trump “Access Hollywood” tape and the Harvey Weinstein wave? You couldn’t tell from his interviews. He asked former magazine editor Tina Brown about Weinstein’s rapacious ways and sympathized with Amy Schumer’s tale of sexual assault. He let New York Times columnist David Brooks blame the hostile environment on the bubble of impunity surrounding former President Bill Clinton. He scolded Steve Bannon about President Trump’s “locker-room talk” with Billy Bush.

Rose even let “Full Frontal” host Samantha Bee use him for a satirical skit for TBS last summer titled “What Are You Hiding, Charlie Rose?” The two were in his studio with the typical black backdrop, and when Bee turned on the lights, creepy clones of Rose were revealed to be hiding in the darkness. Her face was horrified as one clone pawed her shoulder.