If he wanted to, Weinstein could certainly bring suit against Rowan, and even try to recover some of the settlement money he paid her. This appears to be a breach of contract on her part. However, such a move would be incredibly bad public relations for him.

“Although Weinstein will have the very best legal representation, I would agree that the ‘headwinds’ against him prevailing in any NDA enforcement suits will be quite strong,” Keith Stein a New York-based contracts attorney told LawNewz.com. “Of course, desperate men do desperate things. But the PR against him trying that approach will make him appear even more degenerate. As of now, it already appears that it doesn’t matter what any one person may be alleging (Rose, for example), in violation of an NDA, because multiple government and law enforcement agencies are already investigating. Potential witnesses in those investigations are protected in revealing what they know, notwithstanding their contractual obligations to Weinstein (as the article rightly points out).”