What if the antidote to a celebrity president is someone you have probably never heard of?

Tim Ryan, Seth Moulton, and Cheri Bustos aren’t exactly household names. But they are Democrats in the House of Representatives — a place where the 194 members of their party have little power or visibility — who turned up Saturday at a traditional showcase of ambitious national politicians: a steak fry in Iowa.

Their logic is clear: Americans are demonstrably exhausted with the Democratic Establishment, embodied by Hillary Clinton, and might prefer a fresh, relatively unknown face. And of course there’s some precedent: it wasn’t too long ago that Barack Obama launched a presidential campaign barely two years into his first term in the Senate.

“There’s a leadership vacuum, and I believe it’s time for a new generation of leadership to step up in the party,” Moulton told BuzzFeed News. “That doesn’t mean pushing out the old, but it means that we need some new ideas, and we need some ideas that are focused on the future.”