In the real life of liberalism, Hefnerism endures as the effective philosophy of many liberal men, for whom sexual individualism justifies using women because hey, we’re all cool consenting adults here, and caddishness blurs into predation when power differentials permit. Meanwhile, feminism struggles to find norms that check this kind of behavior, swinging between a facile sex-positivity and illiberal attempts to police the hookup scene.

Here it would be nice to say that cultural conservatism offers an alternative, one that welcomes female advancement while retaining useful ideas about sexual difference and restraint. I might have argued as much once. But in the age of Donald Trump and Bill O’Reilly, “pro-life” hypocrites in Congress and the alt-right online cesspool, the right is its own sort of cautionary tale.

So I’ll say something more modest: If liberals want to restrain the ogres in their midst, a few conservative ideas might be helpful.