To be fair, I’m sure that it must be tough to turn on Morning Joe and see that the people you once considered friends are now talking smack about your hands. But the truth is, that should not matter. In fact, it must not matter, not if we want to continue to live in a free society — and it’s the solemn responsibility of our elected officials to honor and protect our freedoms. I know that if I were the president and I had taken that inaugural oath, then I would understand that ensuring the protection of our free press was more important than getting back at people for saying mean things about me on TV. It wouldn’t matter if there were a “Kat Timpf Sucks” channel. Hell, it wouldn’t matter care if every channel were the “Kat Timpf Sucks” channel; I’d never for a second even consider that I should be allowed to have any influence whatsoever over the negative content — not despite my position of power, but because of it.

See, in this country, one of the best things we have going for us is that the government has nothing to say about who and is and is not criticized in the media. Yes, we do have the Federal Communications Commission, which has some control over the media’s content when it comes to things such as language and nudity. (As a libertarian, I’d argue that even this shouldn’t exist, that the material that’s “allowed” could be determined by the will of the free market alone, but I digress.) But there is absolutely no limit to how much or how often we are “allowed” to criticize our leaders — and there must never, ever be one.