Why on earth were these people thanking Hillary Clinton? She lost! She was so bad that many people debated sitting the whole election out. Great Britain had the glory of the Iron Lady; modern Democrats have the Countess o’ Kryptonite. Don’t take my word for it: This spring, a Washington Post/ABC News survey showed that Donald Trump would win both the electoral vote and the popular vote in a rematch with Clinton. A recent Bloomberg poll had Trump’s favorability ratings besting Clinton’s as well.

There’s only one conclusion: People must not know that Hillary Clinton is a woman. Surely, the word will eventually get out! There are no female failings, after all — well, okay, there’s one, which is the regrettable tendency of some women to lean to the political right. It is truly a mystery for the ages.

After all, as our very empowered friends on the left like to remind us, don’t we women all think alike?