Millennials are so terrified of religion they’re developing one around Harry Potter

Mark Kennedy, who attended a Washington DC event, is a “non-spiritual” who was raised Catholic. He told the Washington Post the podcast had changed everything for him. “I feel like I’m born again,” he said. Meanwhile, Zoltan and ter Kuile are skeptical of secularism, with Zoltan saying “It doesn’t speak to people’s hearts and souls.”

So they hope Harry Potter will help others learn traditionally religious themes like duty, forgiveness, mercy, love, and grace. “To me, the goal of treating the text as sacred is that we can learn to treat each other as sacred,” Zoltan said, “If you can learn to love these characters, to love Draco Malfoy, then you can learn to love the cousin you haven’t spoken to for 30 years, then the refugee down the street.”