Hollywood is being criticized for hypocrisy for calling for gun control after a mass-murderer killed dozens of people at a country music concert in Las Vegas, given the amount of violence it showed on movie screens the week prior to the Oct. 1 massacre.

From Sept. 22-28, the four top live-action movies — Kingsman: The Golden Circle, American Assassin, It and mother! — contained 212 incidents of gun violence, 108 of them involving automatic weapons similar to the ones used by Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock, according to a conservative watchdog, the Media Research Center.

The MRC was founded in 1987 by Brent Bozell, who also founded the Parents Television Council and is a regular guest on the Fox News Channel. The MRC often criticizes the entertainment industry for what it perceives as liberal bias. In this case, the impetus for the study was to note the amount of what the group says is glorified violence that was in theaters prior to Paddock’s rampage.