When Larry David debuted his Bernie Sanders impersonation on Saturday Night Live, the similarities were uncanny. The Curb Your Enthusiasm star looked, talked and walked almost exactly like the Senator. David’s impression was so good that it was kind of scary. You didn’t know where David ended and Sanders began. When two appeared on the season 4 premiere of the PBS’ show Finding Your Roots they were given a shocking discovery: they were related.

Interviewing David and Sanders separately in the video below, Finding Your Roots host Henry Louis Gates, Jr. explained to them that they match guests’ DNA with other guests who have appeared on the show and if there are long identical stretches, that indicates their cousins. In front of each of them was a book that would reveal who their cousin was.

“I hope it’s a good athlete,” said an excited David as he opened the book to find a photo of Sanders. “What the hell?!” he laughed.