In school, we learn about America and why things are the way they are. To take a step back and look at how things are, you can see that something doesn’t add up. The America we learn about in school is about justice and the fundamental rights that this country is built on, including that everyone has the same rights. That’s not happening. People from different races have fought for different rights, and people are not giving them those rights.

There was one football player that approached a few other cheerleaders and me. He told me this is what they wanted to do and why they wanted to do it. I wanted to make sure they weren’t doing it just to follow what N.F.L. players did. I wanted people to see that there is social injustice, racial inequality and police brutality. I didn’t want people to use that as an excuse to make a name for themselves. I wanted them to kneel because they felt in their heart that was the right thing to do.