Amid the uncertainty plaguing the State Department, diplomats have turned to the one member of the Cabinet that Trump can’t oust: Mike Pence. A new report by Foreign Policy paints the vice president as a stable force in an otherwise confusing and chaotic administration. “His staff was amazing,” one European diplomat said of Pence to F.P. “His staff was super professional. In the whole administration, his office stands out. They were very informed. Sometimes more than the State Department.” Even relative to the National Security Council—also viewed as a stable force inside the White House—at least one diplomat heralded the vice president’s office. “I would say that the level of knowledge was similar on these issues at the N.S.C. and inside the V.P.’s office,” another European diplomat, who worked with both on Iran and climate change issues, told the outlet. “But the latter seemed more eager/willing to engage with us and more likely to have an impact on policy.”

Particularly when it comes to reassuring U.S. allies of the Trump administration’s commitment to NATO, diplomats have praised Pence. “The Vice President’s visit to Georgia this summer [is a] good example of the clear messages sent by the Administration in support of Georgia’s territorial integrity and Euro-Atlantic aspirations,” a diplomat at the Georgian Embassy wrote in an e-mail to F.P. Estonia’s ambassador, Lauri Lepik, echoed the sentiment. “The messages I get from the Old Executive Building are unequivocal and pronounced,” Lepik wrote to the outlet. “As Vice President Pence paid a visit to Estonia earlier this year, it is only natural that we have had a close and very productive relationship with his office.”