But there are definite biblical answers about what actions are sins that do incur God’s wrath, both in this world and eternity. These include gay sex, the murder of children in their mother’s wombs, divorce, slander, theft, unfaithfulness to one’s spouse or children, and worshipping any god but Jesus Christ and the holy Trinity of which he is a part. Although some protest otherwise, these are all plain-text readings of the Bible and reinforced by thousands of years of church scholarship and theology.

The Bible also makes it very clear that natural disasters are a direct consequence of sin, such as those listed above. So, in one sense, it is accurate to say Christianity does teach that “gay sex causes hurricanes,” that “divorce causes hurricanes” and “theft causes hurricanes,” or insert whatever sin you want because they all cause hurricanes, no one more or less, as all comprise rebellion against the Creator. Yet theodicy — reconciling God’s goodness with the existence of evil — is much, much more complicated than such sneering reductionism.