“JD first contacted Anthony on Twitter on the night of January 23rd, announcing herself as a ‘huge fan,”’ they said in the filing. “Unbeknownst to Anthony, JD was looking for material for a book — one she has now written and is shopping to publishers.”

Weiner asked the judge for probation and community service. Even as the lawyers recounted the girl’s role in encouraging Weiner to participate in the explicit message exchange, they said in the court filing that Weiner “never should have responded” and he doesn’t treat the circumstances “as a justification.” Weiner himself apologized to her in a letter to the court.

Weiner faces as much as 10 years in prison when he’s sentenced Sept. 25. As part of a plea deal, prosecutors will seek a term of 21 months to 27 months, which isn’t binding on the sentencing judge. Weiner must register as a sex offender and will forfeit his iPhone.