The Republican National Committee has spent at least $427,000 in legal fees associated with the Russia investigation on behalf of President Trump and his son, leading some to question why the self-proclaimed billionaire is making the party’s donors pick up the ever-expanding bill.

“I don’t think he’s lacking in money,” said Minnesota-based GOP donor Stan Hubbard, who gave about $285,000 to the Republican National Committee in the last election cycle.

The exact amount the RNC has spent is expected to be reported Wednesday in the committee’s latest fundraising report filed with the Federal Election Commission. The filing will show that the party committee paid $100,000 to Trump’s personal attorney John Dowd and $131,250 to Jay Sekulow, another lawyer on the president’s legal team, a spokesperson for the RNC confirmed to BuzzFeed News. The RNC will report spending an additional $200,000 on legal costs affiliated with the president’s eldest son, Donald Trump Jr. The level of spending on legal fees was first reported Tuesday.

Hubbard, who was part of the pro-Trump Great America PAC last year and urged skeptical Republicans to get on board when Trump clinched the GOP nomination, said the president should either set up a separate legal fund or pay the bills himself. But if the RNC continues to pick up the tab, Hubbard said he will ensure his future contributions don’t pay for the legal fees.