Nearly two years ago, Muhammad Azimi (Azim), the interpreter who served with me in Afghanistan, was fortunate enough to receive an SIV.

To me and those with whom we served, Azim is a fellow veteran, a brother in arms. I saw Azim risk his own life to save the life of a wounded American during a firefight. I am thrilled that Azim was able to make his way to America, and he is able to sleep at night without worrying about who might be out there looking to harm him. However, there are thousands more like Azim who do not have that luxury because they have yet to receive their SIV.

I am proud to join with No One Left Behind (NOLB), a non-profit organization that helps interpreters get out of Iraq and Afghanistan and resettled in the U.S., in support of language in the NDAA to expand the SIV program to accommodate all those who served and deserves to see our promise kept.