Two months after he exited the Trump White House, former press secretary Sean Spicer is still struggling to land a steady TV gig, a lucrative book deal, Hollywood jobs, or even a reality-TV show, sources with knowledge of the process tell The Daily Beast.

“No one wants to play with Sean,” one network insider bluntly noted.

On Tuesday, NBC News reported that the big TV news networks, including CNN, Fox News, CBS News, ABC News, and NBC, have given a hard pass on offering Spicer a job as an exclusive on-air paid contributor. Executives have cited his “credibility” issues stemming from his bold mangling of the truth in service of President Donald Trump, which Spicer has himself expressed some belated regret over.

Not even One America News Network, a JV Fox News that hired and then fired former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, wants to hire Spicer. “We have talked to him [since he left the Trump administration], but right now we have no interest,” Robert Herring, the channel’s chief executive, told The Daily Beast on Wednesday.