Most chilling, however, is that he is the author of the misnamed 2005 Constitution Restoration Act that would give Congress the power to remove any judge who refuses to recognize God as the source of America’s law. The bill also seeks to limit the power of the Supreme Court to overrule or punish any state official or judge acting in the name of God’s law and, instead, would impeach the judges who take on such cases. Think of it as the Christian version of Taliban rule with slightly more checks and balances and fewer beards.

Many explanations have been proffered for Moore’s victory, including the failure of congressional Republicans to deliver on their promise to repeal and replace ObamaCare, the close ties of Moore’s primary opponent, Luther Strange, with Alabama’s disgraced, scandal-plagued governor, and the conservative base’s general disgust with the Republican establishment that backed Strange.

There is some truth to all of these explanations. But the far more disturbing fact is that the GOP’s hardcore base has become deeply hostile to the true source of American greatness — its receptiveness to outside influences, whether in the form of ideas, people, or products.