But that moment was one at which it became increasingly common for the Righty media to fuel outrage not only at the Obama administration, but also at the GOP Congress, and to dismiss the latter’s accomplishments. This was more true of the broadcast side, but it was also a moment where even Peggy Noonan would point to voter frustration over the bad deals GOPers had cut for years (a theme Trump would exploit to great effect five years later).

The more traditional conservative outlets would offer less dramatic, more balanced criticisms of the GOP Congress, but the tone would on balance be critical. After all, these institutions see their mission (correctly) as carrying the banner for conservatism, not the GOP.

What this means, however, is that when the GOP does not hold the White House, almost no one in Righty media consistently makes the partisan case for the GOP Congress, a problem compounded by leadership’s failures in managing their caucuses or coalition. And this, I would argue, is a substantial part of How You Got Trump.