On top of all this, Democrats also seem to be embracing such noble causes as coming out against due process for Americans accused of crimes, such as sexual assault. In response to Education Secretary Betsy Devos tossing Obama era Title IX practices on college campuses, Senator Diane Feinstein tweeted, “Sec. DeVos is putting rights of the accused above those of sexual assault victims. Absolutely unconscionable.” Beyond apparently never bothering to read “To Kill a Mockingbird,” Feinstein is demanding her party stand up against the right of due process, the very thing, as it turns out, Kaepernick was protesting.

My question to the Democrats (and media) is simple: What voters in that big chunk of the country turned red do you plan to win back on a platform of kneeling for the national anthem, revoking due process, removing monuments of our founders, sympathizing with jihad, glorifying property-destroying (and journalist-punching) thugs or backing Kim Jong Un in a nuclear showdown? The more the left has ramped up its cultural war, the more their governing power has diminished. Who cares if the Affordable Care Act wiped them from the electoral map, as long as Jimmy Kimmel gets his sick burns in.